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Schools and Nurseries

If you are fed up with sewing in and ironing on name labels only to find that they have come out the following term we have the answer.

x No time consuming sewing
x No fiddly ironing on adhesive labels
x No unsightly names written in marker pen that washes off in the laundry process!

✓ Reusable
✓ Secure
✓ Suitable for the laundry process
✓ Suitable for dry cleaning

Attach-a-Tag provides a simple, secure and quick way to label childrenís clothing and school uniforms. The tag is designed not to come off unless you use the built in removal tool in the base of the Dolphin applicator.

Simply attach the tag to the label or seam of the garment with the applicator and the garment is labelled. Itís that simple.

Used by many parents across the UK, Attach-a-tag provides a quick and easy way to label clothing, school bags, kits bags and lace up football boots, trainers or shoes.

Attach-a-Tag Demonstration Movies

Please click the links below to view our demonstration movies.

Attach-a-Tag for families Quick Guide
Attach-a-Tag for families Full Demo
Attach-a-Tag for Boarding Schools